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Key Terms in Winorama Casino User Agreement

The Winorama casino operates several terms that must be explained. Here they are:

  • Website – the term refers to the website https://winorama.casino/, and its content.
  • Service, Company – the terms refer to the casino Winorama, its website, affiliates, partners, and the holding company, along with its employees and third parties hired.
  • Software refers to the games, content, and all the versions of online casinos (mobile, desktop, downloadable, browser, etc.).
  • Member, Player, User – these terms refer to a person using the service and content of the Winorama casino by creating an account, reading the information on the website, playing the games, etc.
  • Activities – the term refers to games, promotions, bonus offers, and other content represented on the website.
  • Third parties – this word means any person or company that does not work or is connected with online casinos directly.

As soon as you start reading the user agreement, you will understand everything by yourself. The terms are not complicated to understand.

What Are General Terms of Service And Their Purpose

The purpose of the general terms of use is to highlight the main aspects of the relationship between a player and the Casino.

The player is meant to understand all the rules and terms before starting the website activity. All the terms are accepted automatically when a player registers with our website (he or she must confirm the knowledge of the agreement to complete registration).

Also, the casino team kindly suggests reading the other service pages of the website to learn more about information privacy concerns, responsible gaming, bonuses, withdrawal, and VIP terms.

Finally, the casino team reminds you that the following rules fall under the laws of Cyprus, and the English language version of the agreement is considered to be the main one, in comparison with the other language translations.

Winorama Terms and Conditions You Accept

The user has a right not to accept the rules. In this case, they must stop using the service and delete the account.

The casino has a right to change, modify, correct, and amend the Agreement. The Winorama casino will notify the players about any kind of change in the agreement.

The amendments start working after two weeks (14 days) of being published on the corresponding page of the website. When this term is over, the users are meant to accept the amendments automatically.

The Casino reminds us about the importance and responsibility for checking the updates within the Agreement regularly. The casino will not be responsible for the absence of players’ familiarization with the actual and new Agreement statements.

Entry Requirements at Winorama

There are two main requirements for all the users. Here they are:

  • A new user must be over 18 years old to participate in the activities. For some countries, the local laws might set a bigger age for gambling allowance. The Winorama team requires the actual date of birth to be indicated during registration. Also, it will require the identity documents to be provided to the support team to verify players’ age. In case of refusal to provide the documents, the team has a right to stop the player from getting any activities on the website. In case of failing the age test, we terminate the account.
  • The second requirement concerns the location of the player. Winorama has a right to refuse account creation if a player is a resident of a particular country. It is the player’s responsibility to check if participation in Winorama does not violate any local laws and regulations. Even if the activities are present and a player can see and use them, it does not mean that they are fully legal for him or her.

Permitted Activities and Games for Registered Users

The section presupposes that a player can take part in the casino activities only in case of having a unique and registered account. The only way to have it is to pass the registration process within the website.

It implies several checks of the contact and identity information. It is prohibited to use the accounts belonging to other members. Also, it is not allowed to create duplicate accounts (those that match in some personal information with other already existing accounts).

By using the service, the player proves that he or she is the only owner of the account, its entrance details.

Gambling Laws Compliance

Winorama Casino reminds the players that it cannot provide them with any jurisdiction tips and pieces of advice in case of local gambling laws. We cannot provide the exclusive right to play and bypass the laws in such a manner. It also notes that the usage of any software that helps to hide or change the location is prohibited.

Also, the team emphasizes that the services must not be used for any purpose except for entertainment. In case of suspicion of fraudulent activity, Winorama has a right to stop the player from participating in the Service and eliminate the account.

Responsible Gaming

Using the activities of the website means that the player fully understands the possible consequences of gambling, including the negative ones. It also means that a player proves that he or she does not have any signs of gambling addiction.

Gameplay Participation in Online Casino, Winorama

Here are the responsibility and rules of the gameplay:

  • Content must be used for illustrative purposes.
  • A player must be aware of the risks of money losses.
  • All the activities are used by players at their risk.
  • If you play the games or use the other activities, you prove that they are not offensive, indecent, or unfair.