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Gamble Responsibly with Winorama Casino!

1. Responsible Gaming Instruction

We are very happy when you use our website for real money gambling, so it is very important for us that you play responsibly and we recommend you to do it. The users who are less than 18 years old are not allowed to create an account for gambling on Winorama or take part in any of its activities. Many people might gamble responsibly, but, for some of them, real cash gambling can be a problem.

We recommend that you follow our responsible gambling instructions.

  • While playing, define a limit for the amount of money you are going to bet and are ready to spend this time.
  • Gambling is not recommended if you are trying to compensate for any money lost before while playing.
  • Gambling is not recommended if you are under recovery of any dependency or affected by alcohol or any other substance.
  • Gambling is not recommended if it creates obstacles in your daily duties.
  • Bear in mind that gambling depends upon fortune, and there are no procedures or formulas to help you to win for sure.

Now you can push the “Join” button at the top of our website. You’ll need to enter your email address, username, passcode, and phone number. Stick to the instructions, and the sign-up process will not seem tiring to you.

Note! Before you register and start gambling, here are the variants that may be useful to help you to play responsibly are described below.

2. Self-limitation

In case you are concerned about your playing behavior, you can ask for a period of self-limitation (“when the website access is blocked for the moment”). Send an email to our Winorama Support Team. We will block your account for the necessary time period – a week, a month, or any other defined time period.

When you decide to play again, just call our Support Team to re-activate your account. You can quickly feel out the offered form for queries once you reach the “Contact Us” page, push the “Chat” button, send an email to help@winorama.casino, or call +35722007385. In other words, there are no problems with contacting us.

If you try to open a new account or access the existing one, it will be automatically blocked during this period and your request for self-limitation will be irreversible. All deposited money relevant to such accounts will be withheld at our casino’s own decision. Sign in and play once you’re ready!

If you hesitate whether or not to ask for self-limitation, these are the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does my gambling activity create obstacles to my work duties performance?
  • Am I trying to compensate for my previous gambling losses?
  • Am I suffering from an addictive disorder?
  • Do I play being influenced by alcohol or other substances?

A positive answer to at least one of these questions means that it’s better to ask for self-limitation and look for professional help.

3. Define a Deposit Amount Limit

You can set limitations on deposits for days, weeks, or months. If you want to set a predefined amount limit or to decrease the current one, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

4. History of Your Account

History of your account is a convenient method of understanding your pattern of play. When you are aware of the manner you play, you can detect a problem of being gambling addicted. Our Winorama casino emboldens our clients to review the history of their account regularly.

Winorama’s staff is well-trained and aware of the rules of our Responsible Gaming Policy. If you ask about any issue related to responsible gaming, their response will be immediate.

If you need help, our properly trained staff is ready to resolve any issue or answer any question related to responsible gaming. If you prefer to talk with one of our representatives on the phone, you can also request a callback.